Winston Churchill called it the Pearl of Africa. All we know is that the people of Uganda have been occupying our minds and hearts for months now, and we are beyond excited to live with them and serve them for 9 weeks this summer! If you want to be a part of what we're doing, you're in the right place.


across the pond.

If you truly want the best experience,you must read this post with a Briish accent:

WE ARE IN LONDON!! Smack in the middle of our seven hour layover before we embark on our second all night flight into Entebbe. After a whirlwind few days of packing and preparing, we've finally embarked on our journey! Checking our bags into the Las Vegas airport was slightly surreal. We truly enjoy the fact that our boarding passes say "world traveler," it makes us feel so experienced and exotic.
After our ten hour flight which consisted of dinner at midnight, a grand movie selection, awkward sleeping positions, and drinks with no ice (welcome to Europe), we finally arrived at the Heathrow/London airport! We are having an extremely difficult time maintaining our normal, boring, American speaking voices, seeing as everytime we are around someone with a British accent, we feel the need to mimic them (unintentionally, of course). How embarassing. We have made several attmepts at using our international calling card, but with no success, so family, if you are reading this, we are alive and well! But Nicole did decide to marry the phone operator who kept calling her "love." 

After Africa, we are moving to the UK.
So wish us luck as we attempt to calcualte military time, find cold water, and a somewhat comfortable place to sleep on the plane (cross your fingers). We are meeting up with other members of our HELP team on our flight to Entebbe, and we couldn't be more thrilled to get to Uganda! We cannot wait to get to work. Thanks for all of the support! We appreciate it so very much.

P.S. As we were finishing this post, an elderly American man, decked out in Alaska gear, who referred to himself in third person as "grandpa" just asked us if we were from the states, specifically Tennesee because we were the only TENS he SEES. Cheesy American pick-up lines don't come off any better in England. We find them hilarious nonetheless.