Winston Churchill called it the Pearl of Africa. All we know is that the people of Uganda have been occupying our minds and hearts for months now, and we are beyond excited to live with them and serve them for 9 weeks this summer! If you want to be a part of what we're doing, you're in the right place.



It means hurry up in Lugandan. Yeah, I've been practicing a bit.

Exactly four weeks from now, we will be blowing kisses and stepping onto the red-eye flight that will deliver us to London and then on to the beautiful country of Uganda. While I'm in a bit of shock that it's coming so fast, I could not possibly be more thrilled!

We had a meeting tonight with the other Uganda team. Afterward, it was all Nicole and I could do to contain our squeals until we'd stepped outside the house. We are impossibly excited. Really the only thing we're nervous about is the thought of leaving when our time is up. 

I just did the math, and by this Saturday I will have completed over 40 hours of training and meetings relating to HELP International and the projects we will do while in-country. I have been enlightened, educated, and prepared as much as possible, and now all that's really left is the last minute details. And I must go get those shots that I should have had last week. Whoops!

Key things learned tonight:
1. It is not unusual for a Ugandan to shake your hand throughout an entire conversation, even if it continues for a good twenty minutes.
2. One town's council decided a few years ago to purchase a large outdoor sound system, and even if you're 10 miles away, every night at 6pm you will hear them play "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion at full volume. 
3. When street vendors call out "Rolex," they are not trying to sell you a fake watch. They are really saying "rolled eggs" and want you to buy a delicious stuffed omelette. 
4. If you go white water rafting on the Nile, your guide will most likely get a huge kick out of purposely flipping your raft over and over again.  
5. Girls who wear pants will almost always be confused for a boy, even if they're an immensely girly girl.
6. To Ugandans, if a man has a beard, it is automatically assumed that he is 50+ years old. 
7. The children are hilarious and LOVE Americans, and if you let them climb all over you once, word will spread quickly and every time you are spotted you will be swarmed by children who think you are a tree. 
What's not to love? 

My two favorite hobbies right now are daydreaming about Africa and avoiding preparing for my finals.

HURRY UP May 5th!!!!!!